System implementation

System implementation.


To implement an ERP system or even simple accounting software will require financial commitment, lots of effort and time from the company. But quite often, most companies will be implementing the system for the first time and will have to depend on the software consultants for setting up the financial structure.


This setting up of the financial structure is crucial to the success of the implementation but without practical experience from user side, the system might not be customised to the exact needs of the business. This will be very costly once the system is put into use.


We will lead the system implementation from the user point of view and work closely with the software consultant to ensure the system is customised according to business requirements.


Our services include:

  • Evaluate accounting software and make recommendation
  • Acting as project manager for system user
  • Liaise, on behalf of company, with software consultants on the implementation
  • Testing the implemented system to ensure data integrity
  • Advise financial structure (GL codes, control ledgers etc.) according to the needs of the business
  • Integrating business processes as part of implementations