With practical experience dealing with accounting and finance in business operating environment, we understand resources are limited. We will analyse and review the business from an operational point of view and provide solutions that will create long term value to the company.


Our consultant will review your business processes in detail and advise on the setup of accounting . . . . . .

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Planning and analysis

We will assist you to build up the budgets and forecast number and show you how these numbers . . . . . .

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System implementation

We will lead the system implementation from the user point of view and work closely with the . . . . . .

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Process improvement

Our consultant will work with you to find a better way of being more efficient and streamline the way . . . . . .

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Our consultant with their industry knowledge and practical experience will invest time to . . . . . .

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Free coffee

And yes, we also serve nice coffee. Our special brew of the day will keep you coming back for more!

A comprehensive tour around our website and a review of our services will assure you of our expertise in being able to help your company achieve its goals and vision.


We provide advisory and consultancy services from an operational point of view, as we recognise that every company will have their own requirements and needs. With practical operational experience in MNCs, with assets ranging hundreds of millions, we know what to prioritise. This capabilities of ours help create long term value for the company rather than engaging in what is good to have.


You can be sure that we take your business very seriously and we are sincere in wanting to help the company earn its next million dollars. We even serve free coffee.